khandbari municipality

Photo: Bipin Photography

According to the municipal map, 2076, 48 road sections have been constructed in different areas within the municipality. The total length of the constructed road is 467 km. In which the length of the black road is 19 km, the length of the gravel road is 55 km and the winding roads are in a dirty condition. Most of the settlements are connected to the road network.

Khandwari municipality is connected with 7 municipalities including Chichila, Sabhapokhari, Chainpur, Pachkhappan by road network. Basantpur-Chainpur-Khandwari – Kimathangka Road and Koshi Highway are one of the major and significant road routes of Khandwari Municipality. It connects Kimathang to China through Chichila rural municipality through the middle part of ward number 9, 8, 1, 7, 3 and 4 of the municipality. Kimathangka is developing as a trading point. Similarly, Khandwari-Chainpur, Tumlingtar-Wana, Khandwari-Dhupu road to Chainpur, and Khandwari-Leguwaghat-Hile road (Koshi highway) east of Khandwari, Heluwawesi – Kulung road, Chandanpur Waluvani road (Majhuwawesi – Arkhe-Kulung: currently Arunma Motor Bridge One Walki), Mankamana – Didla road (currently in operation again to transport vehicles on the Arun river) has established a road network with Bhojpur on the west and Chichila on the north. The Koshi Highway, a road section of about 33 kilometers from Sabhakhola Dobhan to Chiadkuti, connects the area from the south to the north of the municipality.

Khandwari municipality is also connected by air. An airport with a 1400 meter long black tarmac runway is in operation at Tumlingtar of Ward No. 9. Wuddha, Yeti, Goma and Tara Airlines have been flying from Kathmandu and Biratnagar. Airlines operate 2 or more flights per day depending on the weather.