Although the main occupation of the citizens living in this municipality is agriculture, the population is gradually increasing in employment, industry, business, wage-earning, foreign employment and homemaking. Based on the data, among the economically active population, about 434 percent are engaged in agriculture, 5.66 percent (1968 people) in employment, 1918 people (5.52 percent) in industry and trade, and 1976 (5.69 percent) in wage labor.

In terms of food production, cereal rice, corn, millet), pulses. Maas, lentils and oilseeds (mustard) are produced. About 7 thousand May. Statistics of tonnes of food grains produced are available in the municipality. Similarly, ginger block area in Ward No. 4 and cardamom block area in Ward No. 2 are operating within the municipality area.

According to the municipal poster 2076, it is recorded that 2169 households can eat their own produce for 3 months or less, 1009 households can eat for 4-6 months and 1013 households for 7-9 months, 1452 households can eat for 9-12 months and more than 12 months. The number of households that have enough food is 1182, i.e. 15.96 percent. From this calculation, about 29.29 percent households are self-sufficient in agriculture for 3 months and 13.62 percent households for 6 months.

Similarly, in terms of income, the number of households earning less than Rs.50 thousand per year is 579, i.e. 7.82 percent of the total number of households, while Rs. The number of households with annual income up to 1 lakh 50 thousand is 1754 ie 23.68 percent and Rs. The number of people with annual income up to 250,000 is 1554, that is 20.86 percent of the total households. Similarly, the number of households earning up to Rs. 5 lakh and above is 2231 (30.12%) and 1297 (17.51%) respectively. Detailed information regarding this is mentioned in the graph.

According to the background picture of the municipality 2076, 1808 people of the economically active population, i.e. approximately 5.20 percent, are employed abroad. Among the main destinations of young people’s choice are Malaysia, Gulf countries, South Korea, Japan, America, Europe, Australia, India and other countries, while the highest number is 41.48 percent of Gulf countries. The second destination is Malaysia, where there are 437 people, that is, about 24.17 percent of the total employment. South Korea and India are also another attractive destination where 3.32 and 293 percent of the total foreign employment is seen respectively. Apart from these developed countries, young people have reached Japan, America, Europe and Australia for various purposes. The remittance data received from the above area has not been confirmed. At the rate of Rs.25,000 per person, it can be estimated that an annual remittance amount of Rs.54 crore can be received.