Arun Valley

Arun Valley, Khandbari, sankhuwasabha

Arun Valley located in Khandbari is one of the most beautiful valleys in Nepal. At an altitude of about 457 meters (1,500 ft) above sea level, the valley is considered to be relatively low in the world.

Arun Valley is located in the eastern part of Nepal and is known for its breathtaking natural beauty. The Arun Valley is surrounded on both sides by the majestic Himalayan mountain ranges, which provide a stunning backdrop for green forests, terraced fields, and crystal clear rivers. The valley is also home to a variety of wildlife including the rare red panda, snow leopard and Himalayan black bear.

Khandbari, the main town of the Arun Valley, is a charming little town situated at an altitude of 1,040 meters. Surrounded by hills, this city is known for its peaceful atmosphere and stunning natural beauty. Khandbari is the gateway to the Makalu-Barun National Park, home to some of the most spectacular peaks in the Himalayas and some of the rarest wildlife in the world. The city also has some interesting cultural and historical sites including Khandbari Bazaar, Rai and Limbu villages and Khandbari Darbar. Visitors to Khandbari can enjoy hiking, trekking, bird watching and other adventure activities in the Arun Valley.

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